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Summit Natural Energy operates as a feed stock donation center. Deposits of your qualifying biomass may entitle your company to an energy tax credit. Review the guidelines below and at oregon.gov to determine your eligibility.

Requirements for Oregon State Biomass Producer or Collector Tax Credit:
  • Name and address of producer or collector
  • Type of biomass
  • Amount of biomass in the appropriate quantity (tons, pounds, bushels, gallons, etc.)
  • Product must originate from Oregon

  • Credit available for the following product:
  • Biomass collected from orchard, agricultural, food waste product; $10.00 per green ton
  • Oil seed crops; $0.05 per pound
  • Grain crops, including but not limited to wheat, barley and triticale: $0.90 per bushel
  • Virgin oil, alcohol for Oregon-based feedstock; $0.10 per gallon
  • Waste water biosolids; $10.00 per wet ton

  • A receipt will be issued if the above criteria are met.

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