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ethanol facts
Does ethanol have shortcomings? Absolutely not. There have been reports that ethanol production could be depleting food supplies with corn being noted most often. As the demand for corn has increased, so too has its crop production, and supply and demand will soon level out.

But better still, the production of ethanol from non-food biomass waste solves several dilemmas with one simple answer:

Summit Natural Energy produces ethanol from food processing and agricultural waste. By-product that's distilled to produce clean power ethanol otherwise disposed of in landfills.

Ethanol is a clean burning, high octane fuel easily added to gasoline. This addition accomplishes many objectives:
  • Reduces dependence on fossil fuel
  • Oxygenates gasoline for cleaner burning
  • Reduces oil demand from refineries and foreign import
  • Creates domestic jobs
  • Produces its own by-product utilized as livestock feed
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Utilizes resources that otherwise may have gone to waste