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With nearly endless supplies of natural, raw biomass by-product from agriculture sources, food processing wastes, and numerous other by-product sources our distilling plant can generate sustainable ethanol.

We Produce Ethanol from Sustainable
By-product Waste.

That's right. Summit Natural Energy produces pure, clean burning ethanol distilled from food processing and agricultural waste by-product, the stuff that is not fit for human consumption. Better yet, once this biomass by-product has been distilled the remaining by-product fiber can be used as livestock feed. As a matter of fact, ethanol itself is non-toxic to humans and our environment - you can't say that about fossil fuels!
Summit Natural Energy was born from the agricultural industry. Much of the waste by-product in our industry is either discarded to landfills or used as livestock feed. Realizing a great potential to produce ethanol fuel for energy could be added as an "in between" step, we developed the process.

By utilizing by-product waste to distill our ethanol, we are not relying on our own raw materials to be grown specifically for our use. Thereby, no additional energy is expended for production. We are simply working with raw materials that otherwise would be wasted.

Creating alternative natural energy is what we do. Ethanol from positive renewable sources is what we make. A better world is what we provide.

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